I drove from Moscow to Sochi for 130 l, which is 1800 km. Fast. Very nice car, bullet. The most expensive thing in this car is the following: bodywork – it’s almost useless to look for disassembly, and if you find it, it will cost not much cheaper than a new one, a gasoline pump-5500r, a GUR-6200 pump (take only the original, because not the original costs exactly as much same. ), rail -9000r (do not take restored ones – the stingy pays twice.) the most unpleasant thing is if the pioneers steal the rear emblem (the price of a new one is 1400r, without a lock cylinder), the timing belt breaks, you need to add the cost of work to all these prices, and find a really good master, and not those who only verbally praise themselves until it comes to work – it’s quite difficult for Alfas (if anyone needs it, I’ll give you the contacts of a good master and his prices for repairs are acceptable).

Guidelines about Alfa Romeo 146

Small but spacious enough inside. Very good road holding. 17.02.2008 The car is super, I’ve been driving for almost 6 years. Fairly economical. But everything is compensated when you sit behind the wheel. On my car there was a small crack on the right front headlight, I thought about changing the glass, but I was upset when I found out that the headlight was only assembled – the price was 2000 rubles (new). Especially after 4000 tons. on the tachometer. The steering column switches are overloaded, but you get used to them after a couple of days behind the wheel, the windshield wipers are turned on not by moving the handle up, but down, there is no rear view (only on the rear-view mirrors, you can put parking sensors for beginners). In autumn, I changed the suspension for the first time. more The car was brought to order in 2002, it was driven until 2005 (the timing belt broke off on it, therefore the valves were bent, but the previous owner spared no expense and replaced all 16 valves, hydraulic lifters, variable valve timing, installed a new pump, spark plugs, and changed wheel bearings, rear levers, valve stem seals. https://cars45.co.tz/listing/mercedes-benz/e350/2014.. And it’s especially nice to make smelly boomers (why smelly: unreasonably high price for the average quality of show-off) on the track, though it’s difficult from the spot. I found several reviews, but apart from the impressions of the engine promotions and how they give way to them, I didn’t find anything meaningful, others, on the contrary, wrote that the car was “Italian rubbish”. The seats are hard, but it is comfortable to sit, the seats in the cabin
enough, the trunk – it is, as it were, but putting things in it is not convenient. I have changed many cars, but I will not sell this one. And this is 5500 rubles for two parts of the muffler resonator. Now about the consumption, if you do not turn the engine and drive calmly, then the consumption turns out like a regular 1.4 engine, i.e. 8 liters, but if you turn it (the cut-off works at 7200 rpm, without picking in the brains of the car), then the consumption can be liters 13-15. In no other car of a different brand, I have not received so much driving pleasure. 04/16/2007 Small but spacious enough inside. I drove from Moscow to Sochi by 130 l, which is 1800 km. And now I’m a happy owner of Alpha, I decided not to risk it and overtake it to the place of repair by a tow truck, there were reasons for that, because. someone put the car on the handbrake and for 3 years the rear pads were sour to the discs, when they dragged it onto a tow truck, only three of the 4 wheels were spinning. You seem to merge with it. To sum up: Alfa Romeo is a really good machine, but you can kill a good one, before you buy a used Alfa, be sure to drive it in for diagnostics (you can diagnose it in Otradnoye, they repair Alfas), remember that good Alfas don’t sell cheap. In no other car of a different brand, I have not received so much driving pleasure. In general, I looked at this miracle of technology and went home (honestly the appearance
I was struck on the spot – the color is black, but not metallic, the tinting is deaf, if you look at the glass you can only see your own reflection, the back part is somewhat reminiscent of Lancer X), I think now I’ll read the reviews on the Internet and decide whether to buy, but it wasn’t there. I drove more than 270,000 km on it, I never let it down. The car is simply beautiful, a slight pressure on the accelerator or a small maneuver, the car obeys. High-speed. But on the highway, both from 150 and from 180, the car just vomits as if from a stop when you sharply press the gas. The salon-stove is super, what they write that in winter the stove starts to heat up after 15 minutes, after the start of movement is not true. And so let’s get started, I got the 146th 1999. (version in tuning Junior, which is not often found in our secondary market – even extremely rare), but I got it. And now let’s add a little fly in the ointment – the farther from Moscow, the more problematic it is with spare parts, you have to order, overpay, wait. I can’t say anything about the repair of the chassis yet: but the chassis is super, in order to completely turn the wheels 2 turns of the steering wheel, the steering wheel is sharp, but there is a minus – it’s worth getting into a rut on the road, the car starts to throw a little, you have to slow down, but this minus is in no way does not apply to the car, it is rather to our roads. I bought a car, to be honest, by accident, many dissuaded me from buying it, arguing that spare parts for Alpha were at the price of an aircraft, but oh well, I spat and decided to look at this unit, which had been standing still for 3 years. I drove more than 270,000 km on it, I never let it down. Spare parts are not expensive, and the service is very expensive. What is its difference from the usual 146th, 15th Alfa Romeo alloy wheels, rear spoiler in body color, thresholds in the color of the clover on the thresholds, modified front bumper, 2 pillows, electric sunroof, suspension is more rigidly tuned than the usual 146th (but this has its minus, the car has become even lower – so that you cling to the broken roads with plastic sills), oh yes! the most important thing on all seats is the inscription Junior. Holds the road very well. Especially after 4000 tons. to the tachometer. more Thanks to everyone who read this review to the end. Every time I start the engine, I fall in love with my car again and again. Quite economical. more At prices for 2005, with work, it cost him 3000 forever green, all parts are original, of course). This is where all the differences end. The car is super, I have been driving for almost 6 years. 02.10.2007 The manshina is simply beautiful, a slight pressure on the accelerator or a small maneuver, the car obeys. Generally decided to take at your own peril and risk. In the fall, I changed the suspension for the first time. A phase variator is installed in the car, if the variator is faulty, the engine will rumble like a diesel engine, the cost of the variator is approximately $ 150 work. The driver’s seat is height adjustable, the steering wheel is also adjustable. 11/20/2007 A very nice car, a bullet. I ordered front pads, rear pads-1800r, oil-1500r, filter-1000r, valve cover gasket-600, stop noise for hydraulics-250r, just in case I found out the cost of a set of candles, they didn’t have the original, they offered not the original (8pcs NGK- 5500r), here I was pleased that my former owner changed the candles to the original, they are platinum and their price is about $ 300 -, the timing belt kit-2 rollers and the original belt itself cost 3900, separately
the original timing belt costs 900-1000 rubles, not the original will cost less, but valve repairs will cost more. By the way, for those who are afraid of the corrosion resistance of Alfa Romeo 146 – it is galvanized on both sides, like Audi and rust should not be present on it, if any – this indicates that the car was in an accident and were used during restoration: 1 .or not original tin 2. restored old one (Lithuanians are rogues, but jacks of all trades:) ) Many Alphas have been in accidents, but this does not mean that they do not deserve your attention, it all depends on how it was repaired. Good afternoon everyone. You seem to merge with the snow. more If you are interested in anything else, write with pleasure I will answer your questions. I would like to fill the gap and add a review about the Alfa Romeo 146T.S. (twin spark 1.4). In general, a bullet, I’m very proud. Tip: if you suddenly have to order a tow truck for alpha, pay attention to the tow truck site, because. the car can sit on the muffler and it will be very difficult to pull it off the tow truck platform, or ruin the muffler. Remember when choosing Alfa that this is not a car for every day and when buying it you need to have a second car, for everyday use, you will have to change the oil approximately every 5-6 thousand km, do not save on consumables, but put the original, there are not so many showdowns in Alpha , so
be prepared to buy new parts (and your Alfa, Zhiguli will not be :)). So pleasantly pressed into the chair.

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